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Katyayini Singh is a 19-year-old artist and photographer passionate about capturing the world through her lens. She specializes in landscape, travel, and fashion photography and loves to explore new places and cultures.

Currently on a gap year, Katyayini will attend Polimoda to pursue her undergraduate studies in fashion art direction. She is excited to deepen her knowledge and skills in this field, believing that fashion and photography go hand in hand. She is constantly inspired by the intersection of art, fashion, and photography and strives to create visually stunning images that tell a story.

Aside from photography, Katyayini is interested in fashion styling and art history. She draws inspiration from the past and how art history has influenced fashion and photography. She is also intrigued by how fashion and photography have evolved in the digital age and is always looking for new ways to incorporate modern technology into her work.

Through this website, Katyayini hopes to share her creative journey with others and inspire them to see the world through her eyes. She believes every photograph tells a story and is excited to share her vision. Thank you for visiting, and please feel free to contact her with any questions or inquiries.


© 2023 by Katyayini Singh

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